Mammoth Fire Alarms, Inc. offers several services to our End-Users. System Commissioning is an important phase of your project and requires qualified personnel to inspect and commission a new system per applicable NFPA codes. MFA’s Service Department employs licensed technicians / electricians with NICET certifications to ensure that your system is in compliance. Using today’s best equipment and our rigorous testing procedures, you can rest assured that your system will meet the standard and approval of the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Once a system has been successfully tested and commissioned, MFA will present the Owner/Property Manager an NFPA-72
Test and Inspection Report. As a continued service to the end-user, MFA offers both routine test and inspection services as required by code as well as monitoring services through our UL certified monitoring station Property Protection Monitoring. This can be a great benefit as many Jurisdictions will require proof of a testing / maintenance contract at the time of the new system acceptance.

System troubles could arise before and after an installation. MFA's licensed and certified technicians are capable of troubleshooting and making the necessary repairs to most fire alarm systems. 

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